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Each piece of jewelry arrives beautifully donned in our signature Greyfreth wrapping.
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Collection No. 12

Greyfreth jewelry is anchored with the highest quality treasures from eras past: relics, icons, jewels, reliquaries, keepsakes, mementos -- sought out from the four corners of the world and from past centuries. There is charm and a sense of mystery within their antique origins - tokens once exchanged with love, perhaps held while promises were made, prayers were whispered over and secrets kept within. These pieces of the past are paired and bejeweled with finds such as ancient stones, minerals and metals from deep within the earth and natural gems and high grade pearls from the seven seas. Using time honored traditions in metal work and jewelry making, we bring you one of a kind, wearable pieces of both art and history... pieces you will enjoy giving, or keeping, and loving for a lifetime.

LES PETITS ENFANTS | The Little Children
Weathered Antique French Relic, Elegant Bronze Fleur de Lis and Sublime Baroque Pearls.

This rosary-choker style, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is a symphony of both complementing and contrasting beauty - the epitome of rough and refined. This gorgeous piece of wearable art and history has an overall ancient relic feel to it and would be equally appropriate and stunningly beautiful worn dressed up with a couture gown, dressed down with a tee-shirt and pair of jeans or anything in between.

Gorgeous top grade, raw Baroque pearls make up the chain of LES PETITS ENFANTS. Organic in form, each pearl different from the next, exquisite and unique in their own natural composition. Bearing refined shades of creamy whites imbued with a soft, opulent iridescence, the stunning hues both complement and contrast the time-worn elements of the necklace and the rough shape of the pearls.

The chain is 18-3/4" long and meets at a solid bronze fleur de lis connector which marries beautifully in theme and color to the French meerschaum. Suspended from the fleur de lis is additional Baroque pearl and from that, a beautifully worn French meerschaum.

Exquisitely carved with meticulous detail, this meerschaum features Jesus surrounded by praying children. Over a century old, the faces all are benevolent and lovely and the details are amazing. A canopy of foliage frames the top while a glass dome offers protection. Both the frame and glass show beautiful signs of age; the frame twists and turns and the glass has an inclusion of whatever was used to secure the meerschaum into its frame over a century ago. The meerschaum itself and the brass that frames it don a warm, heavy patina which took over 100 years to perfect.

From the rosary center to the bottom of the Meerschaum measures approximately 5". The meerschaum measures 2-3/8" x 1-7/8".

LES PETITS ENFANTS is a wearable piece of both art and history - something you will reach for again and again. The necklace is hand strung, using the finest sterling silver wire and clasp. The silver has been oxidized in keeping with the antique elements. Although newly assembled, this entire piece has a sublime, old relic feel to it.

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Collection No. 12 Item No. 01


PLIEN DE GRACE | Full of Grace

1800's French Sacred Heart of Solid Sterling Silver, Fiery Pyrope Garnet with Twisted Sterling Rings and Antique Silver Lourdes Medal from France.

Deceivingly simple, this beautiful piece of wearable art and history is resplendent in understated elegance and both fiery and sacred beauty.

A single strand of Pyrope Garnet is anchored at the clasp by two large, faceted pieces of the fiery, deep red gemstone. The name Pyrope comes from the Greek word pyrōpos, which literally meaning fiery-eyed and is a befitting description of the garnet's rich inner beauty. Hand wrapped with the finest grade of silver wire, the same gemstone in smaller, organically shaped pieces alternate between rings of twisted sterling as they cascade in a rhapsody of texture and tone to a 19th century sacred heart ex voto.

The antique reliquary of PLIEN DE GRACE dates back to the late 1800's and was found in France. Beautifully hand engraved with the letter "M", for "Marie" along with a cross framed in sinuous foliage, the ex voto is lovely and is in excellent condition. This sacred reliquary is a beautiful and rare find, as it is not silver washed nor silver plated brass, but is solid silver and is marked as such. At well over 100 years old, the piece opens and shuts securely, so your prayers, keepsakes or sacred objects may be safely kept within.

A small French Lourdes medal of silver adorns the clasp, adding another element of sacred beauty.

The semi-precious stone of the necklace and the silver of the reliquary are a beautiful combination and a gorgeous interplay of rough and refined. The deep red natural stone against the smooth, cool silver is stunning.

PLIEN DE GRACE is constructed using top grade sterling silver wire and clasp. Approximate length is 26.75". The Sacred Heart is approximately 2.75" x 1-3/8" adding additional length.Silver has been oxidized in keeping with the antique elements.

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Collection No. 12 Item No. 02


COEUR DE L'ARGENT | Heart of Silver

Victorian Châtelaine Heart of English Sterling Silver, Pale Green Amethyst and Stunning Kusuki Pearls

COEUR DE L'ARGENT is an elegant rosary-style necklace featuring stunning antique components. These are not recast or reproduction pieces, they are the original pieces of history.

Hand strung using the highest grade sterling silver wire, creamy white Kasumi pearls and green amethyst make up the chain of COEUR DE L'ARGENT. The freshwater pearls have a gorgeous lustre and their highly textured surfaces invite a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. The pearls are interspersed with green amethyst that is showcased in three completely different states and settings, offering a gorgeous juxtaposition of rough and refined.

Some of the pale green amethyst has been meticulously faceted, highly polished for an elegant finish and framed in silver, while some have been carefully cut and polished into spheres. Other specimens of that same gemstone have been left raw and organically shaped which ties into the organic element of the pearls while it both complements and contrasts with the other, more refined green amethyst stones. The three elements are beautiful together; the mix of style, texture and tone is sublime, especially when mixed with the pearls.

Suspended from the chain of juxtaposed beauty is the focal point of the necklace: a rare and highly collectable antique English chatelaine pincushion of sterling silver. A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp with a series of chains suspended from it. Attached to each chain was an item such as a key, scissors, a watch... things useful in the duties of running a large household during the time between the 16th century through The Victorian Age. Mrs. Hughes, of Downton Abbey, would be a perfect example of someone who would have worn a chatelaine, and the pincushion would be useful for small repairs for things such as linens or curtain hems.

The chatelaine pincushion is constructed with a leather "cushion" center sandwiched between two sides of heart shaped, beautifully detailed English sterling silver. This piece dates back to the late 1800's and is in excellent and working condition with steel pins intact. The pins are inserted around the perimeter offering a nailhead visual, adding texture and interest to its present use. This is a gorgeous piece of history and a very, very rare find.

The chain of COEUR DE L'ARGENT is 36" in length - designed to be worn as a double-wrap or as a very long piece. There is a 4" drop from the bottom of the necklace to the bottom of the pincushion, adding additional length. Adorning the clasp is one of the faceted green amethyst and an 19th c. engraved puffed heart charm of sterling silver. The charm measures 3/4" x 3/4". The Pincushion is 1.25" x 1.25" x .25". The silver wire and clasp have been oxidized in keeping with the antique elements of the piece.

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Collection No. 12 Item No. 03